by Jim Perdue

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Keeping It Real (9 of 16)
Series: Philippians
Jim Perdue
Philippians 2:19-30


*I think you would agree with me that our culture craves reality! Look at the Reality Television phenomenon that's sweeping the airwaves. I would say that people are looking for something real and genuine. And I would also say, that the church needs some real, genuine, authentic Christians who behave what they say they believe and honor God with their lives every day of the week, not just on Sunday!*

Paul has been teaching us in chapter 2 about having the mind of Christ; a submissive, serving, sacrificial spirit. He has given us the instructions to live in unity and avoid selfishness and bitterness. He has given us the perfect example of Christ and he has even shared some of his own experiences. But it's easy to begin to think, ''sure, that's Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And that's the apostle Paul, a man specifically commissioned by God on the road to Damascus.''

Just in case we think that way, Paul gives us some further examples of true Christian service and humility here in Philippians 2:19-30. This offers us encouragement to be real! Here, we see two examples of real people who made a real difference for Christ. And we see how true Christians should act. READ TEXT

Paul introduces us to two ''ordinary saints.'' Men who were not apostles or spectacular miracle workers. We need to learn that a life like this is not reserved for a chosen few; it is a necessity and opportunity for all believers.


True Christians show a genuine concern for others: 19-21


He displayed unity of mind: 20a

This mind of humility, service and sacrifice that Paul had been writing about was evidenced in the life of Timothy. The phrase, ''like-minded'' doesn't mean that Paul and Timothy were exactly alike, but it means they had the same goal and purpose in mind. They were united in their desire to see the Kingdom of God expand and the work of God ...

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