by Jim Perdue

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Results of Faithful Giving (15 of 16)
Series: Philippians
Jim Perdue
Philippians 4:15-20


*Our study in the book of Philippians reminds me of an Olympic runner. We are rounding the corner, coming down the homestretch! What I mean is, we're almost done with Philippians! Just two sermons left.*

Any pastor approaches the topic of giving with some fear and trepidation. Honestly, you really can't win when you preach on this topic. Some people will get mad because you're stepping on their toes and they'll say, ''take it easy preacher!'' Others will get mad because you're not hard enough and they'll say, ''hit 'em harder preacher!''

My hope tonight is to show you from the book of Philippians, what the Bible has to say about the results of faithful giving. I have no agenda, other than to preach the Word of God and teach what the text says. I have no purpose, other than to communicate what I believe the truth of God's Word in regard to finances.

God promises to bless us when we're obedient in our giving, and in Philippians 4:15-20 we see several rewards or blessings as a result of faithful giving. READ TEXT

Remember, this book is a ''thank you'' letter from Paul to the people of Philippi. They had supported his ministry continuously; through the good times and bad times. And here, Paul reveals to his friends the blessings that come as a result of their faithful support.

In this passage we see several benefits that result from faithful giving.

Giving brings encouragement: 15-16, 18


Paul began by taking his readers back ten years to his first preaching of the gospel in Philippi. After he left Macedonia and the surrounding area, no other churches supported him in his ministry. Even before he left Macedonia the Philippians supported him; during his ministry in Thessalonica they sent a gift more than once for his needs.

Their generosity and Paul's hard work allowed him to minister free of charge in Thessalonica ...

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