by Jim Perdue

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The Power of a Personal Testimony (3 of 16)
Series: Justified
Jim Perdue
Galatians 1:13-24


We're in a series through Galatians entitled Justified. Tonight, we come to Galatians 1:13-24 as we see The Power of a Personal Testimony. READ TEXT -- PRAY

*A family from the back woods of Arkansas was making their first visit ever to a big city. They checked in at a beautiful, luxurious hotel and they were awe struck at the impressive sights. As mom signed in at the reception desk, the dad and boy came to the elevator entrance. They had never seen an elevator before, and they just stared at it, unable to figure out what it was for. An older lady who was closer to homely than ugly hobbled toward the elevator and went inside. The door closed. About a minute later, the door opened and out came the most beautiful vision of feminine loveliness this man had ever seen in his life. The dad could not quit staring at this beautiful lady. So with tongue hanging out and chin resting on his shoes without turning his head he patted his son's arm and said, ''hurry boy go get you mother.''*

It only took a moment for that man to see the striking difference in what went in and what came out. Tonight we are going to see difference that Jesus Christ can make in the life of an individual.

In Paul's fight against false teachers, he not only had to deal with false doctrine but false accusations that were directed at him: he wasn't a true apostle; that his message wasn't authoritative; that he received his message from man. But Paul answers their criticisms with his own personal story: my gospel came from God, I was taught by Christ.

The best way for Paul to prove his point is to reach into his past and remind the Galatian Christians of the way God had dealt with him. Paul states that his past life was already known to his readers (Gal. 1:13), but it was obvious that they did not fully understand what those experiences meant. So, Paul reminds them of his pers ...

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