by Jim Perdue

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God Shows No Favorites (5 of 16)
Series: Justified
Jim Perdue
Galatians 2:11-21


We continue our journey through Galatians. I called this series Justified for a reason. First of all, justification is a biblical concept that we need to understand. Secondly, justification by faith is a central theme to the book of Galatians. And finally, justification by faith is the heart of the Christian message.

John Stott said, ''Nobody has understood Christianity who does not understand this word. It is the word 'justified'.'' It appears three times in verse 16, once in verse 17, and once in verse 21.

In this paragraph, then, Paul unfolds the great doctrine of justification by faith. It is the good news that sinful men and women may be brought into acceptance with God, not because of their works, but through a simple act of trust in Jesus Christ.

And it is fundamentally important for us to understand that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ and through the grace He offers through the cross. These verses teach us something very important, anyone who comes to the cross will be accepted by God, but God Shows No Favorites. READ TEXT

*Legalism teaches that somehow you can earn favor with God. If you follow the rules just right, you can be one of His favorites. To be honest, there have been times in my life when I wish that God had favorites. If He did, I just knew that I would be on His list. If you remember from my series, Accidental Pharisees, I was a great legalist. I kept all the rules. And if God had a list of favorites I just knew I'd be somewhere close to the top. But I also knew that I was on the bottom of Ms. Beckelheimer's list in 7th grade. For whatever reason, and I can't even begin to imagine why, I wasn't her favorite… AT ALL! For some reason, she just couldn't see my charm and appeal as a smart-mouthed 7th grader. I could never understand why.*

But here's the good news. God doesn't play favorites. No one is at the top of H ...

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