by Jim Perdue

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The Fight of Your Life (12 of 16)
Series: Justified
Jim Perdue
Galatians 5:16-26


As we come to Galatians 5:16-26, we can tell that Paul has turned a corner in his letter. He has been dealing with the legalists, the Judaizers, and making a powerful case against earning our righteousness through law-keeping. Now, he begins to give positive commands and instructions to teach us what it really means to follow Christ in light of His grace.

In doing so, he describes a war that every believer in Christ will encounter. He has been talking about the law for several chapters. Now, he talks about how we can live in freedom. But the only way to experience this freedom is to win an internal battle. The war between the flesh and the Spirit.

The Bible is clear that there is a war within every believer. It is a war between the old nature and the new nature: the flesh and the Spirit. And believe me, this is The Fight of Your Life. READ TEXT - PRAY

*Have you ever had to fight for your life? I've heard people tell stories about nearly drowning and how they fought with every fiber of their being to survive. Others have been in car wrecks and had to crawl on their hands and knees away from the wreckage. Others have been in burning buildings surrounded by suffocating smoke and somehow, they made it out. One year, I was with my family on vacation in North Georgia. I had walked down the stream to do some trout fishing on my own when I heard a little noise in the brush across the stream. I thought it was a squirrel, or maybe a deer. When I looked closer, I realized it was a bear! It wasn't huge as far as bears go, but it was bigger than me! Immediately, my heart began to race and so did my mind. What do you do when you're face to face with a bear? Do you play dead? Do you scream and yell? Do you pray to Jesus? All I had was a fishing pole and a net in my hands. I had heard that when you encounter a bear you shouldn't make sudden moves and you should make ...

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