by Jim Perdue

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Helping the Hurting (14 of 16)
Series: Justified
Jim Perdue
Galatians 6:1-5


We're studying the book of Galatians in a series I've entitled, Justified. The message of this letter from Paul is simple. We are not made right with God through our works, abilities, or righteousness. We are made right with God through Christ's atoning work on the cross.

We have just learned what it means to ''live by the Spirit'' and not fulfill the ''works of the flesh.'' And now, he shows us what that looks like in real life - what it looks like through real people filled with the Spirit. What do spirit-filled people do? They are focused on Helping the Hurting. READ TEXT - PRAY

*Driving through Texas, a New Yorker collided with a truck carrying a horse. A few months later he tried to collect damages for his injuries. ''How can you now claim to have all these injuries?'' asked the insurance company's lawyer. ''According to the police report, at the time you said you were not hurt.'' ''It's like this,'' said the New Yorker. ''I was lying in the road in a lot of pain, and I heard someone say the horse had a broken leg. The next thing I know the sheriff pulled out his gun and shot the horse. Then he turned to me and said, ''Are you okay?''*

The truth is, we've got a lot of people within the church who end up on the side of the road hurt. But sadly, the church is far too often known for shooting its wounded instead of helping them.

It is easy to talk about the fruit of the Spirit while doing very little about it. So Christians need to learn that it is in the concrete situations, rather than in emotional highs, that the reality of the Holy Spirit in their lives is demonstrated.

We are called to help those who are hurting. To ''restore'' those who have fallen. To ''bear one another's burdens.'' Here in this text, we see what it means to accomplish the purpose God has given to His people and to His church - Helping the Hurting.

Restoring spiritual ...

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