by Jerry Vines

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LOVE IS THE THEME (14 of 20)
Things Worth Knowing
Dr. Jerry Vines
I John 4:7-16

The little book of I John is written by one of
the apostles of the Lord Jesus and its overall theme
is "Things Worth Knowing." One of the things worth
knowing, revealed in this book, is who God is and what
God is like. There are two definitive statements of
God given to us in these verses. In chapter 1:5 it
says, "God is light." Now in chapter 4:8 and 16 it
says, "God is love." God is light and God is love.
John seems to be constantly coming back to this great
theme of the love of God. John has been called, among
the apostles, the apostle of love. When you read the
Gospel of John you can't miss the fact that he is just
absolutely thrilled at the thought that God is a God
of love. He is overwhelmed with the thought of the
love of God and it is his constantly recurring theme
in his writings. When you and I contemplate the
wonder of God, and the wonder that God is love, we
must surely feel a similar overwhelming kind of
emotion. Sometimes our choirs sing for us a beautiful
song, The Wonder of it All.

The wonder of it all, just to think that God
loves me.

It is indeed an overwhelming thing to consider
that God is love.

I heard a story many years ago about Karl Barth,
the great German theologian who had come to visit in
America. He was being interviewed by reporters and
one of them said to him, "Dr. Barth, would you please
tell us the most overwhelming thought ever to grip
your mind?" Tears filled the great theologian's eyes
and he said, "Jesus loves me, this I know. For the
Bible tells me so." There is no thought ever to grip
the mind of man more overwhelming or awesome than the
thought that God is a God of love. These are verses
that tell us about this wonderful love of God and I
pray as I begin this message that God will reach out
to someone who needs His love in their heart in a
s ...

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