by Jim Perdue

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Son of Man (2 of 3)
Series: Right Christmas
Jim Perdue
Matthew 1:1-25


*If you had to describe yourself in one simple phrase what would you say? I might say, ''I'm a follower of Christ, a husband, father, and pastor.'' But what if it had to be shorter? Let's say, three words. If you had to describe yourself in three words do you think you could do it? The best I came up with was, ''Hi, I'm Jim.'' I'll be honest; it's a tough task. Jesus described Himself in many ways, but His favorite reference to Himself in the gospels is found in three simple words: ''Son of Man.''*

The title, ''Son of Man'' is used in the NT 43 times as a distinctive title of the Savior. This was, in fact, Jesus' favorite way to reference Himself in the gospels.

In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of himself as the Son of Man. Sometimes he uses the term to express his humanity (Luke 9:58) or to emphasize his role as the one who will suffer and die to forgive sins (Mark 10:45; Luke 9:22,43). But this expression is used as well when referring to Jesus' future glory, when God's people are gathered together and God's kingdom (rule) will be set up (Mark 8:38-9:1).

People will see the Son of Man sitting at the right side of God All-Powerful (Mark 14:62). Also, he will be seen returning to earth with great power and authority (Matt 24:30).

This morning, we continue our Christmas series entitled Right Christmas. If you want to believe right about Christmas, you must believe right about Jesus. The only way to believe right about Jesus is to see what the Bible has to say about Him. He's the main subject!

We will spend three weeks in the genealogy in Matthew 1. You'd be amazed at what we can learn from this text! If you'll remember from last week, we see three very important truths about Jesus Christ here in the first chapter of Matthew's Gospel.

So, here's what we'll learn in Matthew 1 about Jesus Christ.

He is the Son of David- this represents His royal ...

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