by Donald Cantrell

Bathsheba Found Beauty for Ashes
Donald Cantrell
Isaiah 61:3; 2 Samuel 12:24-25

Mothers Day Sermon

I - The Honorable Heritage of Bathsheba
II - The Adulterous Affair of Bathsheba
III - The Father's Forgiveness of Bathsheba

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Mother's Day Moments with Bathsheba''


On January 21, 1998 several news agencies begin to report an alleged affair between President Bill Clinton and a former unpaid intern that had mysteriously went from job to job with various help from the White House. The affair was made public, personal, and painful for all involved.

In June 1995 Lewinski, 21, comes to the White House as an unpaid intern in the office of Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.

November 1995: Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton begin a sexual relationship, according to audiotapes secretly recorded later by Linda Tripp.

December 1995: Lewinsky moves into a paid position in the Office of Legislative Affairs, handling letters from members of Congress. She frequently ferries mail to the Oval Office.

April 1996: Then-Deputy White House Chief of Staff Evelyn Lieberman transfers Lewinsky to a job as an assistant to Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon. Lieberman told The New York Times the move was due to ''inappropriate and immature behavior'' and inattention to work. At the Pentagon, Lewinsky meets Tripp, a career government worker.

Summer 1996: Lewinsky begins to tell fellow Pentagon employee Linda Tripp of her alleged relationship with Clinton.

Aug. 17, 1998: President Bill Clinton becomes the first sitting president to testify before a grand jury investigating his conduct. After the questioning at the White House is finished, Clinton goes on national TV to admit he had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Later on President Clinton is impeached for lying under oath and for obstruction of justice. As we know President Clinton goes on to finish out ...

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