by Donald Cantrell

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The Rose of Sharon (3 of 3)
Series: Precious Portraits of Jesus in the O.T.
Donald Cantrell
Song of Solomon 2:1

Sng 2:1 KJV - I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

I - The Mysterious Identification of this Flower
II - The Marvelous Illustration's of this Flower
III - The Momentous Implication's of this Flower

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Jesus is the beautiful, broken, blooming ''Rose of Sharon''


Rose Legends, Myths, Folklore and Stories

As the world's favorite flower since the dawn of time, the rose has inspired countless myths, tales, folklore, stories and legends around the globe.

Clay tablets excavated in the temples of Ur in Iraq speak of the delivery of rose water intended for the sultan of Bagdad. The sultan used no fewer than 30,000 jars of rose water a year, to make his rooms smell nice for his extensive harem.

Myth has it that Venus' son Cupid accidentally shot arrows into the rose garden when a bee stung him, and it was the ''sting'' of the arrows that caused the roses to grow thorns. And, when Venus walked through the garden and pricked her foot on a thorn, it was the droplets of her blood which turned the roses red.

In the seventeenth century French explorer Samuel deChamplain brought the first cultivated roses to North America.

The Saracen general Saladin sent camel caravans loaded with rose water through his empire to cleanse the mosques after 'impure' crusaders had occupied the prayer rooms.

Another ancient story tells how roses were thorn less in the Garden of Eden. Only after Adam and Eve were expelled did their thorns appear.

The people of ancient Greece used roses to accessorize. On festive occasions they would adorn themselves with garlands of roses, and splash themselves with rose-scented oil. Shakespeare refers to roses more than 50 times throughout his writings. Napoleon's wife Josephine so adored roses, she grew ...

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