by Jerry Vines

Romans 1:19-32
Jerry Vines
This week I had the opportunity to speak in a Bible Conference
about one hour above Washington, D.C. They picked me up at Washington
National Airport and we drove through the city of Washington - by the
White House and some of the other places. I'm sure the president, if he
had known I was coming through, would have invited me to stay for lunch.
But he didn't know I was coming so we rode on by. We went by many of
the things that are familiar and things I really enjoy in Washington.
One of the buildings we went by was the Smithsonian Institute. As we
went by I remembered one of the favorite things I like to see when I go
to the Smithsonian. I like to view the famous Hope Diamond. It is a
diamond of 44 1/2 carats. When you see this diamond displayed the dark
background of the display shows the splendor and the brilliance of the
Hope Diamond. Anytime you go to view a diamond a wise gemnologist will
have a background that will be so in striking contrast to the diamond
that the diamond will literally glow. Many times the gemnologist will
take a piece of black velvet - just an inexpensive piece and spread it
out and on that background he will display his diamonds. It is not that
the darkness of the background adds to the value of the diamond, but
rather it displays the beauty and the brilliance and the splendor of the
We have begun a study of the book of Romans and the apostle Paul
has already set before us the great diamond of his book. The great
diamond of the book of Romans is the Gospel. Over and over again Paul
sounds the glorious note of the Gospel - the good news of what God has
done to get us out of the mess we are in and get us into His heaven.
The Good News of the death of the Lord Jesus, His burial and His
resurrection for our sin that you and I might be gloriously changed and
Now, the Apostle Paul in chapters 1:19 and right on into chapter
3 is laying ...

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