by Jerry Vines

Romans 1:8-13
Jerry Vines
Last year I read a rather interesting book, "How To Read A
Book." I found it to be a most interesting book. It was written by a
man named Mortimer Adler. He was one of the true intellectuals in
America, the general editor of the Encyclopedia Briticanna. I heard
that recently he has come to know Jesus as his personal Saviour. The
most intelligent thing you will ever do is give your life to the Lord
Jesus Christ. No person is truly intelligent who has not come to
understand that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Among other things Mortimer Adler said in his book, he said, "It's very
important to look at the preface or the introduction of a book." He
says if you will read the introduction or the preface very, very
carefully, the author will probably tell you what his book is all about.
That is exactly what you find in the opening book of Romans.
The Apostle Paul tells us what his book is all about. In verse one he
sets it forth very clearly for us. He is writing about the Gospel of
God. In verse 9 he calls it the Gospel of God's Son. In verse 16 he
calls it the Gospel of Christ. The purpose of the book of Romans is to
tell the good news of what God has done to make it possible for us to
get out of the mess we are in. That's the Good News - the Good News of
what Jesus Christ did at Calvary to pay the price for our sin+-
So, when you read an introduction you find out the purpose of
the book, normally, then you also get on the wave length of the author.
Very often in the opening part of a book you will get a little feel for
the person who is writing the book. We know that the book begins in
verse one by telling us that Paul is the human author. He sets for th
in a rather formal manner his introduction. "Paul, a servant of Jesus
Christ; a called to be an apostle, separated unto the Gospel of God."
In verses 8-13 he becomes a little more intimate and gives us a personal
introd ...

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