by Jerry Vines

Romans 1:2-7
Jerry Vines
We are certainly living in a world that is filled with bad news.
It seems daily, on the television and in the newspaper, that the news is
increasingly bad. It seems that every day the news is filled with
violence and tragedy, with horror and with heartache. It's a carjacking
today. It's a restaurant being robbed tomorrow. It's people taking a
rest along the roadside who are murdered. It seems everywhere we turn
today the news is increasingly bad. I find myself more and more
agreeing with the song Ann Murray used to sing: "We sure could use a
little good news today."
That's one of the reasons I love the Bible and enjoy talking
about the Bible. The Bible is a book that is filled with Good News.
In fact, everytime you open up the Bible, somewhere in that passage you
will find a message from God about Good News. The Bible is Good News
from heaven. In Proverbs 25:25 the Bible says, "As cold water is to a
thirsty soul, even so is good news from a far country."
Of course, the Bible does have some bad news. You have to be
honest about it. I heard about a doctor who said to his patient, "I
have some good news and some bad news for you, which do you want first?"
So, the patient said, "Let me have the good news first." The doctor
said, "You have only three days to live." The patient said, "If that's
good news, what's the bad news?" The doctor said, "I should have told
you two days ago."
Good news and bad news. I heard about a group of soldiers that
had been out in a field for a long, long time. Their lieutenant called
them together and said, "Men, I have some good news and I have some bad
news. The good news is you are all going to get a change of socks. The
bad news is Smith is going to change with Jones and Adams is going to
change with Williams." Good news and bad news.
The Bible does have some bad news in Romans 3:23 there is the
bad news that all have sinned. In Romans 6:23 i ...

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