by Jerry Vines

The Man Who Wrote the Roman Road
Jerry Vines
Romans 1:1

You remember how it was to start back swimming again? Winter was over and it was just about time for summer to come. You are going for the first swim and you just kinda start off getting your feet wet just a little. Then you would move a little further and get it ankle deep. As you got accustomed to it you would go on in knee deep.

Finally, you would be ready to dive in. That's what we are going to do with the book of Romans. I'm going to just kind of get our feet wet just a little bit tonight as we get started.

As we begin this book of Romans I want to start off talking about the man who wrote it. In recent years, one of the most helpful things that has been done to help Christians tell others about Jesus, has been putting together little Gospel booklets. I think the first one I ever knew anything about was the Campus Crusade - The Four Spiritual Laws. Some of you learned how to be a witness for the Lord by reading the Four Spiritual Laws to people.

Then there was Billy Graham's Steps to Peace With God. Many people have come to Christ by means of this little booklet.

Dr. Lindsay has written a little booklet which we use here -- God's Greatest Gift. Thousands of people have been led to Christ as Christians have read this Gospel booklet to lost people telling them about Jesus.

For a number of years I have been using what has been called the Roman Road to salvation. It's found in the book of Romans and in a little while we are going to go over it together. I have used this Roman Road to salvation to introduce many, many people through the years of my ministry to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are going to talk about the man, tonight, who wrote the Roman Road to salvation. In order to do that we, first of all, have to take a look at the book which he has written -- the book of Romans.

Last year I bought a set of books from Encyclopedia Brittanica known as Great Books of the Western W ...

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