by Jerry Vines

Loosing The Bound
Luke 13:10-17
There is no area of life which is beyond the help of the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ.
We have discovered in the miracles of our Lord that Christ walks as Lord into every realm of life.
Jesus has power over the physical realm. He had the power to calm the storm upon the sea. He had
the power to change the water into wine the physical universe came to the feet of Jesus Christ
and was totally subjected to his miracle-working power. Also we saw that Jesus Christ has the power
over the realm of physical affliction and disease. Blind men came to Jesus Christ and his miracle
power gave them sight. Deaf men came to Christ and they were made to hear again. Men who could
not talk came to the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus gave them the power to talk again and so we have
discovered a wonderful thing about our Saviour and that is that he is a miracle worker and there is
no realm of life which is beyond his power and his care. I believe there is an area of life which
has been greatly neglected which needs the power and the touch of the Son of God. I am referring
to the area of the emotional needs of man's life. The Bible tells us that man is a tri-unity. We are
made in, the image of God and therefore there are three aspects to our being. We have a physical
nature which is our world consciousness and relates us to the world around us. We have a spiritual
nature which is our God-consciousness and enables us to have fellowship with God. But we also
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an emotional nature and this is our self consciousness. It is the center of our thinking, our feeling
and our actions. I believe that the salvation experience which we have in Jesus Christ reaches into
everyone of these areas of life. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding about what takes place when
Jesus comes into the life of an individual. Sometimes we get the idea that at the moment of salvation
every problem we have is immediately solved and worked ou ...

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