by Jerry Vines

The Touch That Transforms
Mark 5:25-34.
We have visited the 5th chapter of the gospel of Mark in previous messages because this chapter
gives to us three of the greatest miracles of the Lord Jesus. There is first of all the power of Jesus
Christ over the man who was demon possessed. At the end of the chapter we have the miraculous
power of Jesus in the life of the little girl who was dead and in the middle of the passage we have
the story of the woman who was diseased who was miraculously cured by the Lord Jesus Christ. Now
this is really what you might call a parenthetical miracle. Jesus was on his way to perform one
miracle and on the way he touched this woman's life with his power as she touched his garment and
he healed her in a miraculous way. In one sense of the word every miracle of Jesus was a
parenthetical miracle. Jesus came into this world not primarily to perform miracles but he came
into this world to give his life's blood on the cross to make our eternal salvation possible. Along
the way to Calvary however, Jesus stopped and had time to deal with people who had needs in
their lives because Jesus Christ loves people had compassion upon them and was willing to meet
them in their need and so on this particular occasion we have an overpouring and an overflow from
the cup of the Lord's compassion and mercy and a woman who had a terrible malady was miraculously
The Touch
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healed. This chapter also tells us something about the dealing of Jesus with all kinds of peoples
lives. Jesus Christ meets the needs of men as the man who was demon possessed, Jesus Christ can
meet the needs of young people as in the life of the little girl who was dead and Jesus Christ can
meet the needs of women as in the example of this woman here. There was never anyone and never
has been anyone whoever walked on this earth who so elevated the position of womanhood as did
the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus came into this world women were not considered ...

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