by Jim Perdue

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One of God's Greatest Gifts (3 of 6)
Series: What the Bible Says about Marriage, Love, and Sex
Jim Perdue
Song of Solomon 3:6-5:1


This morning we continue the series, What the Bible Says About Marriage, Love, and Sex. And today, we come to some pretty steamy scenes in the Song of Solomon. We've been leading up to the wedding, we've been talking about love, we've been learning about marriage. But now, we come to the marriage, the wedding ceremony, and the honeymoon.

David Jeremiah says, ''The Song of Solomon is the Bible's case study of a plan for all seasons: courting, dating, engagement, and life together for the rest of our days. But I need to warn you: the deepest joys of marital intimacy are detailed here-emphasis on the word detailed. We pastors tend to gravitate away from such passages as this one. But it's time to stop letting a confused world carry the dominant voice on such an important issue. It's time to take back the beauty of sexuality for God's people just as He intended it.'' So this morning, let's discover something very important: sex is One of God's Greatest Gifts.

*(Wrapped present on stage with some glass and rocks inside.) Marriage, love, romance, and sex are wonderful gifts from God. These gifts should be cared for by following God's standard operating procedures. Your purity should be protected before marriage and within marriage. Sadly, many times, we take God's gifts and abuse them. (Shake the box, drop it, kick it) We think we know best instead of God. We don't want to wait, we don't want God's best. We're not looking for ''happily forever after'' we just want ''available here and now.'' So what happens? We abuse God's gifts and distort His plan.*

Now God offers grace, forgiveness, restoration, and healing. He can restore what was lost and put broken pieces together. But I promise you, it's best to follow His plan in the first place.

You may wonder, how can the pastor even talk about something like ...

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