by Jim Perdue

How to Be a Fabulous Father
Jim Perdue
Joshua 24:14-15

Churches and pastors often have a tendency to lift up moms on Mother's Day and beat down dads on Father's day. Now I want you to know before we get started, that's not my intent today. I don't want to beat you down, I want to encourage you. I want to encourage you to be a fabulous father. You know, you can't be a fabulous father unless you're a faithful father; faithful to your family and faithful to your Heavenly Father.

The truth is that too many fathers turn out to be failures. But I want to encourage you today; instead of being a failure as a father, be faithful as a father! It is amazing how we go through stages in life in our relationships with our dads.

Someone has said that at age four we explain, ''My dad can do anything.'' At age 10 we say, ''My dad knows a lot.'' By age 12 we're saying, ''Oh well, we can't expect dad to know everything.'' At age 14 we say, ''My dad is hopelessly out of date and old-fashioned.'' By the time we reach 21 years of age we are saying, ''What should I expect? He just doesn't understand.'' At age 25 we begin to say, ''My dad knows a little bit, but not too much.'' By age 30 we say, ''I need to find out what Dad thinks.'' At age 40 we ask, ''What would Dad have thought?'' By the time we hit 50 we're saying ''My dad knew everything!'' And, at 60 years of age we usually say, ''I wish I could talk it over with Dad just one more time.''

It's really interesting to me to watch how children learn a little bit from both parents. My natural temperament is more like my mother but I got a lot from my father too. One of the things my dad taught me was that I needed to have a good work ethic. My dad is a hard worker and he passed that work ethic on to me. Another thing that dad passed on to me was to be detailed with my finances. I can remember when I was 16 years old getting my first credit card and opening my checking account. Dad taught me how to use Quicken and how ...

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