by Jerry Watts

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What Am I to ''Become?'' (2 of 3)
Series: Blessed or Busted
Jerry Watts
Ephesians 4:1-5

Years ago, one of the most often asked question to little children was, ''What do you want to be when you grow up.'' Depending on the child, the answer could change a couple of times every day. This thinking weight heavily on our word today.

(TEXT CALL) Last week we began a series of messages called 'Blessed or Busted'. While most of us desire to be blessed, we must put ourselves in a position to receive blessings from God. (We're talking about being 'under the spout where the GLORY runs out') All of us desire to be blessed of God, while certainly no one wants to be cursed by God. Last week, we began with the 4 ''BE'S''. Be sure of our salvation, be passionate in our worship, be godly in our priorities, and be spiritual in our prayers. Today, let's talk about 'becoming.' God has us on the developmental plan.

(TEXT) The question is, what are we to become? In pro-sports, most team today have 'farm-systems'. These are where a player can go, get some playing time and mature into their potential. This is God's plan for us.

1. Become a purveyor of grace - The word purveyor is a seldom used word, but it is accurate in this case. A purveyor is a supplier, an outlet, a source, a spreader, and a 'transmitter' and this is exactly what we should be. Consider verse 7 (read). As believers, we instinctively realize that we have been given 'grace.' To receive God's grace is huge, but we don't just receive enough grace for us, for according this verse, we receive grace according to the size, the amount, or the measure of grace which the Savior has. Does HE pour all that He has on us at one time? No. He gives ample supply and once we are HIS, that supply of grace to us NEVER runs out.

So we have grace - then we give grace, so we receive grace - so we give grace, so we receive grace - so we give grace. We are to become a conduit or a purveyor of grace.

So what exactly does th ...

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