by Jeff Schreve

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When God Put on Flesh (1 of 3)
Series: God's Perfect Gift
Jeff Schreve
John 1:1-14

If you have your Bible, please turn to John chapter 1. We're starting a new series today for the Christmas season. We're calling it ''God's Perfect Gift.'' The Lord Jesus Christ is God's perfect gift - Emmanuel, God with us.

Now we have been mentioned and attacked over the centuries, Christians, for being people who tend to major on minors, who tend to argue about things that don't really matter, who tend to split hairs. The outside world looks at the church, and says, ''Oh man, you guys have so many denominations, and it's just so confusing. And this group doesn't like that group. And that group doesn't like this other group. And it seems like you guys just always have something that you are complaining about. And it seems like a lot of splitting of hairs.'' It might be a legitimate argument. It might be a legitimate gripe.

I heard about a man named Frank. Frank was driving on the Golden Gate Bridge. And he saw a man standing on the bridge, getting ready to jump off. And so Frank pulled his car over. He got out of his car and he began to talk to this man. And he said, ''Don't do it.'' And the man said, ''Why shouldn't I do it? I've got nothing to live for. Nobody loves me.'' And Frank says, ''God loves you. Do you believe in God?'' He said, ''Yes.'' And then, Frank said to the man, he said, ''Are you a Christian or a Jew?'' He said, ''I'm a Christian.'' And Frank said, ''Me, too.'' He said, ''Are you Protestant or are you Catholic?'' And the man said, ''I'm Protestant.'' And Frank said, ''Me, too. What denomination are you?'' And the man said, ''I'm Baptist.'' And Frank said, ''Baptist??Me, too. Are you Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?'' (laughter) He said, ''Northern Baptist.'' Frank said, ''Man, me, too. Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?'' He said, ''I'm Northern Conservative Baptist.'' And Frank said, ''Me, too. Northern Conservative B ...

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