by Jeff Schreve

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The King, the Magi, and You (3 of 3)
Series: God's Perfect Gift
Jeff Schreve
Mathew 2:1-12

Well, we're doing things in a different order today, because at the close of the service, we're going to have a big baptism service. And we do that every Christmas. And I do the baptizing. And so as God may speak to your heart and you search your own heart and see if that might be something that the Lord wants you to do as a gift of commitment. You know, baptism is the wedding ring of the Christian life. It's not magic. The water is not magic. I'm not a magician. It's an act of obedience. It's important because the Lord says it's important. So as we talk and as we share God's Word, you search your heart about that.

Well, I heard a story about a dad. He was talking to his little boy. And he asked him, he said, ''Son, what do you want for Christmas?'' And he said to his daddy, ''Daddy, what I really want for Christmas is a baby brother.'' And this little boy's mother was pregnant. And so the dad said, ''Well, we can see about that.'' And, sure as the world, the mom went into labor on Christmas Eve, gave birth to a baby boy, brought that baby boy home on Christmas Day. The little boy who had asked for the baby brother, he was so excited. Next year rolled around. The dad asked the little boy, ''Son, what do you want for Christmas?'' He said, ''Well, if mommy wouldn't be too uncomfortable, I'd like a pony!'' He didn't really understand how all that worked.

You know, Christmastime is a time where we're thinking about gifts. We're thinking about, what do you want for Christmas and what can I get you and what is somebody going to get me. And we talk about Jesus being the reason for the season, and all of us have heard that. And all of us hopefully, we believe that. We know there would be no Christmas without Christ. No Christmas without Jesus. But the sad reality is so many times we forget to think about the Lord and what He wants at Christmas.?We think about all these ...

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