by Jeff Schreve

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The Birth of a Dream (1 of 7)
Series: Dreams and Detours
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 37:1-11

Well, if you have your Bible, please turn to Genesis chapter 37. We want to start a new series today on the life of Joseph, a new series that I'm entitling Dreams and Detours.

You know, Joseph, in the Old Testament, was known as the dreamer. He was a guy that God gave a dream to, actually several dreams to, all with the same theme and not always a dream that was well thought of in his family. So we're going to talk about dreams today. I've entitled this message The Birth of a Dream, because God, in Genesis 37, gives a brand new dream to a man named Joseph.

Speaking about dreams, I heard of a lady. And she woke up on February 14th. Valentine's morning, she woke up and she said to her husband, ''I had a dream last night that you came home tonight and brought me a pearl necklace.'' She said, ''What do you think that dream means?'' And he smiled at her and he said, ''Well, you'll find out tonight.'' He came home that night and brought her a package. She opened it up. It was a book. It says, The Meaning of Dreams, and so not what she had anticipated.

So we want to talk about dreams, The Birth of a Dream. Now if you know about the Old Testament, you know Joseph is a key figure in the Old Testament. And, really, when you read in the Book of Genesis, we cover hundreds and hundreds and hundreds,

yeah, thousands of years in the Old Testament and in the Book of Genesis. It was about 1567 from the time of creation until the flood came. And that's all covered in the first six, seven chapters of Genesis. Really, it starts again with Noah in chapter, 9 with him starting over. So the Bible covers lots of space in a short amount of time, covering all those hundreds and hundreds of years.

But when you get to the end of chapter 11 in the Book of Genesis, we're introduced to a man named Abram. His name was going to be changed by God to Abraham. And it's about his famil ...

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