by Jeff Schreve

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From the Prison to the Palace (5 of 7)
Series: Dreams and Detours
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 40-41

Well, if you have your Bible, please turn to Genesis chapter 40. We're in a series on the life of Joseph called Dreams and Detours. And today, we want to talk about Joseph's great promotion, From the Prison to the Palace.

And I heard years ago a story about three students, and they weren't very smart; they were really struggling. And they were starting their third year in the Fundamentals of Math class. They just couldn't pass. Can we be honest? They were from Duke, and so they were just struggling, these three little Dukies. And they were struggling and the teacher got so tired of teaching them. We tell Duke jokes here because Larry's from Duke, and we have lots of Aggies here. And I'd rather have Larry mad at me than all these Aggies, so we tell Duke jokes here, so the teacher said, ''Man, I'm going to ask these guys one question. I'm going to bring them in, ask them one question. If they can answer the one question, I'm passing them, because I'm sick of teaching these kids the Fundamentals of Math. They're just not getting it.'' So she calls in the first kid. She said, ''One question: You get this question right, I'm promoting you to the next grade.'' She said, ''What is 3 times 3?'' He said, ''Thursday.'' She said, ''Oh can't pass you. That's, no!'' And so she brings in the second kid. She goes, ''One question: You get it right, I'm promoting you. What is 3 times 3?'' He said, ''150.'' She goes, ''No, I can't pass you.'' And she brings in the third guy. And she noticed that he was listening in. And so she brings him in. She said, ''Dukie, one question: Get it right, you're promoted. You'll pass. And what is 3 times 3?'' He said ''9!'' She said, ''That's right! That's wonderful! How did you figure that out?'' He said, ''I took Thursday and divided it by 150.''

We want to talk today about promotion. How does a person go, in Joseph's case, from the prison t ...

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