by Jeff Schreve

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The Power of Forgiveness (6 of 7)
Series: Dreams and Detours
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 41:50-57

I ran across a story about two monks. They were walking in the countryside. They were trying to get to a village to help bring in the crops. And as they were walking along, they came by a river. And they saw an old woman, and she was sitting by the river, and she was very upset. And so they asked her, they said, ''Ma'am, what is the matter?'' And she said, ''The bridge is out and I can't get across the river.'' And the first monk said to her, ''Well, lady, we can take you. We can carry you across.'' He said, ''We'll join hands and make a seat for you and we'll carry you across the river.'' So he and the other monk joined hands and they carried this woman across the river to the other side, and she went on her way. And they continued to travel to that village. And they went for a couple of miles and then that second monk said, ''You know, my clothes are all wet and dirty from carrying that woman. And my back hurts. And this is just awful. And why did we have to carry her?'' And he was moaning and groaning and gripping and complaining. A few more miles. He began to tell the other monk, he said, ''You know, I just can't get this lady out of my mind. We had to carry her. My back just keeps hurting and hurting.'' He said, ''I don't think I can go on anymore.'' And he just fell down there on the ground and stretched himself out, moaning and groaning. And the first monk said to him, ''Friend,'' he said, ''have you noticed that I haven't complained at all?'' He said, ''What's the difference between you and me?'' He said, ''The difference is this: You're still carrying that old woman, and I laid her down five miles ago.''

Could it be today that some of you here are carrying a heavy, heavy burden, carrying hurts from the past, pains from the past that you should have laid down five miles ago or five years ago, but you're still carrying those around?

I want to talk to yo ...

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