by Jim Perdue

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Taking Command of Your Destiny (2 of 12)
Series: Breakthrough
Jim Perdue
Joshua 1:10-18


Today, we continue in our series entitled, ''Breakthrough.'' We're in the OT book of Joshua as we learn what it takes to experience a spiritual breakthrough.

Today, I want to challenge you to take command of your destiny. *I know, when you hear the word destiny you immediately begin to think; fate, chance, circumstance or luck. But when I'm talking about your destiny I don't mean any of these things! What I mean is choosing the course of your life so that it lead you to your proper destiny at death. You see, your destiny is not determined by your chances in life, but by your choices in life! Your future is not set or predetermined by the stars or constellations; you course is charted by the choices you make, the turns you take and the things you do today.*

*A certain courthouse in Ohio stands in a unique location. Raindrops that fall on the north side of the building go into Lake Ontario and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, while those falling on the south side go into the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. At precisely the point of the peak of the roof, just a gentle puff of wind can determine the destiny of many raindrops. It will make a difference of more than 2,000 miles as to their final destination. The spiritual application is clear. By the smallest deed or choice of words we might set in motion influences that could change the course of others' lives here and now and could also affect their eternal destiny.*

I want to challenge you today, to take command of your destiny; your destiny in this life and your destiny beyond this life. Joshua was a general in Israel's army; he was also Moses' successor, chosen by God to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land. God commissioned Joshua to take command of the people, and in so doing, Joshua took command of his own destiny. READ TEXT

Take command of your own destiny today. Be a Jo ...

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