by Jim Perdue

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Total Commitment (6 of 12)
Series: Breakthrough
Jim Perdue
Joshua 5:1-15


Let's take a moment and review what's been happening in the book of Joshua. Moses, the great leader of Israel, was now dead. Joshua was the new leader. He challenged the people to step out and claim the victory in Christ; as a result, the people followed the voice of God and walked through the Jordan River on dry ground. They left the wilderness and entered the Promised Land. God instructed the people to erect a monument that would be a sign for all time of God's miraculous power, presence and provision.

And now, the nation of Israel finds themselves in the Promised Land for the very first time. They are stationed in Gilgal, ready to claim the promise of God. But instead of moving forward, God has instructed them to wait. God desired His people to be prepared; He would accept nothing less than total commitment. READ 1-15

*As I read this passage, it reminded me of a scene in the movie Miracle. This is the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team that won the gold medal by improbably defeating the Soviet Union in the Olympics. As the United States defeated the Soviet hockey team 4-3, the announcer Al Michaels gives his famous exclamation, ''Do you believe in miracles?! Yes!!!'' Many of you know the story, but what you may not know is what happened before the game; before the battle. Leading up to the Olympics, the USA hockey team had just tied a very poor Norwegian hockey team. Their coach was less than pleased. Take a look and see what happened…***VIDEO CLIP***

I want nothing less for my life and for our church than complete and total victory. Complete and total victory takes complete and total commitment. You're either in or you're out; there's no halfway when it comes to serving God. It takes total commitment. Pay the price, make the call, take the shot, give it your all…it's worth it!

I'm not satisfied sitting in the stands or standing on the sidelines ...

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