by Jim Perdue

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The Terrible Danger of Sin (8 of 12)
Series: Breakthrough
Jim Perdue
Joshua 7-8


We've been studying the book of Joshua during our series entitled, ''Breakthrough.'' We have seen a mighty breakthrough in the lives of the people of Israel and I believe, have seen the breakthrough that God desires us to have as a church.

*When a church faces difficulties you either breakdown or you breakthrough. And I'm asking you to step up, move forward, press on and breakthrough to the promise that God has for you.*

*When I was in Elementary School, it seemed that I had a hard time with talking and not sitting still or staying in line. The teacher sent a note home with me that was supposed to be signed by my parents. Well, being a wise third-grader, I decided that mom and dad were really too busy to worry about such things and that I would just sign that note and send it in myself. After all, I had just learned how to write in cursive…long story short; I got caught and learned a powerful lesson. ''Be sure your sin will find you out…''

In Joshua 7, we see the ''Terrible Danger of Sin.'' God's people had conquered Jericho through the mighty hand of God's power; the wall had crumbled before their very eyes. But one person, one man, one soldier, one individual chose to disobey God. He took some things from the city that God had claimed for Himself. And as a result, the entire nation of Israel paid a high price.

I wonder if Achan had ever read that verse in Numbers; ''be sure your sin will find you out.'' If he had, he probably forgot it. Remember, God takes sin seriously and there's a price that must be paid as a result of our sin. Unless sin is dealt with swiftly and powerfully it is more than a minor setback on the road to victory.

The first word in every chapter of this book is either ''now'' or ''then.'' In every chapter, the narrative continues to flow…except for chapter 7. Chapter 7 begins with an ominous tone, ''but.'' READ 6:27 ...

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