by Jim Perdue

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Winning the Victory (9 of 12)
Series: Breakthrough
Jim Perdue
Joshua 9-12


Today, we continue in our series entitled, ''Breakthrough.'' We've been studying the book of Joshua and learning about how to claim our inheritance in Jesus Christ. We have seen striking parallels between the nation of Israel and the church of God; between the enemies of Israel and the enemies that we face today.

*I have learned something about myself - I'm a pretty competitive person. I don't like to lose. I played racquetball regularly when I lived in Tennessee - didn't like it very much when I lost. And then when we moved here, I was a part of a flag football team - didn't like it when I lost. I help coach my boys in soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. And I know it's upward sports. I know you don't keep score. But I can still count! And I still don't like to lose! I want to win!*

But more importantly, I want our church to win. I want Second Baptist to experience the victory that God has promised us! A win for our church and for God's Kingdom is so much more important.

I know what some of you are thinking; ''Pastor, you talk to me about winning, about experiencing breakthrough in my life and in our church, but I don't know how. In fact, it seems like I live in a continuous cycle of defeat. I'm never the victor, always the victim, never triumph, always encounter tragedy, never on top of the mountain, always down in the valley.'' Well today, I believe God has a word for you from this book.

*We've been taking the back roads through Joshua on a nice, scenic drive. But today, we're going to hop on the interstate and study several chapters at one time.* But all four chapters center around one major theme: the people of God winning the victory!

Today, I want to talk to you about ''Winning the Victory.'' In chapters 9-12 of Joshua, I believe we see four principles that will ultimately lead to triumph on the part of God's people.

God's ...

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