by Donald Cantrell

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Dangerous Defiances with Daniel (5 of 14)
Series: Daniel
Donald Cantrell
Daniel 3:14-30

I - The Demeaning Proposition (14 - 15)
II - The Daring Profession (16 - 18)
III - The Daunting Persecution (19 - 23)
IV - The Disturbing Proliferation (24 - 25)
V - The Dismaying Proclamation (26 - 29)
VI - The Dazzling Promotion (30)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Sticking to your convictions while facing death''


In 2016 Christians are being pressed from every side to conform, concede, or to condone things that knowingly violate our religious standards of morality and our Judeo Christian Beliefs.

The very fabric and foundation of our religious belief system is being assaulted, annihilated, or sadly abandoned by some that don't see the importance of standing firm in the midst of persecution.

It was not long ago that we had to battle the ''Merry Christmas'' assailants, those that preferred to say ''Happy Holidays'' or whatever their meaningless greeting was for that particular store. We saw ''Chick-fil-A'' under attack for supporting marriage as it has been for the past 6000 years; all of a sudden we are being told that marriage has to be redefined. Chick-fil-A boldly withstood being attacked by media and proponents of the homosexual agenda. In 2015 we saw Rowan County court clerk, Kim Davis; arrested and placed in jail for not granting marriage license to homosexual couples.

The list is unending and we are being attacked and assaulted on every core belief that we have as Christians. The flames of religious persecution are being fanned rather swiftly in America and the question is this, what will we do? Will we conform? Will we concede? Will we condone the sinfulness and the immorality that is being crammed down our throats? The question is not ''if'' we will have to face religious persecution, but rather ''when'' we will face religious persecution?

As Christians we are being pressed ...

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