by Donald Cantrell

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The Danger of New Carts (3)
Series: Sounds in the Bible
Donald Cantrell
2 Samuel 6:1-19

I - David's Honorable Motive (1 - 2)
II - David's Hasty Mistake (3 - 10)
III - David's Holy Method (11 - 13)
IV - David's Happy Ministry (14 - 19)

This sermon contains a fully alliterated outline with sub-points.

Theme: ''Sounds of sorrow and shouting near Jerusalem''


In our sermon today we are going to see David leading a parade of people down to Kirjathjearim to fetch the ark of the Lord. We will see that David encounters grave disaster on his first trip down to of Abinadab. Then after much contemplation and proper instruction David will go back and successfully retrieve the ark. Why was this so, what changed from his first trip to his second trip? On his first trip down to retrieve the ark David had done the right thing the wrong way. On his second trip David had done the right thing the right way.

Ham Illustration

One Thanksgiving a woman was cooking her Thanksgiving ham and her husband saw her cut a hug piece of ham off and throw it away. The husband goes over and looks over the piece of ham and then he asks her why she was throwing it away. After a bit of hesitation, she tells her husband that she didn't know, it was how her mother had done it.

The woman gets on the phone and calls up her mother and proposes the question to her mother, ''why did you cut the end of the ham off and throw it away''? After a moment of hesitation the mother tells her daughter that in all honesty she didn't know why, it was what her mother had done, so this is how she always prepared her ham.

The young woman gets on the phone and calls her grandmother and proposes the same question to her ''grandmother why did you teach mom to cut the end of the ham off before cooking it''? The grandmother laughs and says that's not how I taught her to cook ham. The only reason I cut the end of the ham off was because it wouldn't fit into my small pan.

I am afra ...

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