by Jerry Vines

Blind Bartimaeus
Mark 10:46-52
When Jesus was here we are told that he went about doing good. Every tour of our Lord in reality
was a goodwill tour. As Jesus journeyed on the road which led to Calvary he had time to stop
along the way and alleviate human need. The story is told here about Jesus going into the city of
Jericho, the city of palm trees. As Jesus entered into Jericho there were two blind men who were
healed as he was in the city of Jericho there was a man named Zacchaeus who come down from the
sycamore tree took Jesus to his house and was marvelously converted and now having finished the
tour in Jericho he leaves the city and he is on his way to another place. Now sitting on the side
of the road there is a beggar a blind man who is known in the Bible as Bortimaeus. Bartimaeus is
one of the most familiar characters in all the Word of God. He is famous in history and he is famous
in song. Probably most of you remember the gospel song that has immortalized what Jesus did for him
and you may remember the words that go like this, one sat alone beside the highway begging, his
eyes were blind the iigihth e couid not see he clutched his rags and trembled in the darkness then
Jesus came and bade the darkness flee. And so it is this man this man Bartimaeus about whom we study
this morning. Now we know that Jesus Christ healed people of many kinds of diseases. Jesus saw
men who were lame and he made them walk again, Jesus saw people who were dumb and he made them
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talk Jesus saw men who were palsied men and he made them well but probably more than any other
condition Jesus met men who were blind and he made it possible for the blind men to see. Now we
know of course that the miracles of the Lord Jesus are miracles and parables of grace. What Jesus
Christ was able to do in the physical realm he is also able to do in the spiritual realm as well. And
so I want us to look today at the life of blind Bartimaeus and see in his mira ...

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