by Jerry Vines

Malachi 1
Jerry Vines
Malachi 1

The Book of Malachi is a four chapter book, the closing book in the Old Testament. The final book of the Minor Prophets and it is the last prophetic word of God to his people before New Testament times.

There is not another prophet until the day of John the Baptist. The thing you want to remember is this is the last word of God to the people before the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. For four hundred years God's voice of the prophets was silent. For four hundred years this was the message God had left upon their hearts. 'Verse one says tite burden of the word of the Lord Israel by Malachi.'' Now you will notice that the word of the Lord to Malachi is described by him as a burden. It was a burden upon his heart to deliver the message God had through him for his day. Now keep in mind that this was just before the coming of the messiah. They were just before the time Christ would come. Now we would have expected the people at that particular time to be filled with excitement and anticipation and to be on fire for God. But actually just the opposite was true. Instead of enthusiasm there was apathy.

Instead of being on fire there was coldness and indifference and unconcern.

In these days just in the final hours before the Lord Jesus was to come, as they were looking for the time when Christ would come instead of enthusiasm and excitement. We see formalism, and skepticism. And these things which were developing and were becoming promiment in the days of Malachi ultimately resulted in the Pharisaism and the Sadduceeism of Jesus time. Now there are parallel conditions in our day.

We are living on edge of the day when the Lord Jesus Christ will return. And rather than finding a spirit of excitement. And a spirit of anticipation, in many places there is indifference apathy and un- concern. So the message was a burden to Malachi. Malachi had to speak to a generation of God's people who were deadened by sin. They were d ...

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