by Jerry Vines

Zechariah: The Visionary Prophet
Jerry Vines

''Our Heavenly Father we are so thankful we could study your word tonight. We pray oh,God that you will make it real to our hearts and our lives. We thank it as we read the word there is a message that is pertinent and applicable to our lives. I pray oh, God that you will lead us from the word. And may this word of God be precious to us. And may it be real in our hearts and our lives''. In Jesus Name and for his sake we pray. Amen.

As I said to you when we looked at the book of Haggai the last three of the minor prophets have to do with the children of Israel in the period of time just after the captivity. God had punished his children by sending them into seventy years of captivity in a foreign land. Upon their return there were things that needed to be done, responsibilities that were there. God gave the messages to Haggai and to Zechariah and to Malachi to challenge the remnant of the people in the days after the captivity. Now Zechariah is the longest of the minor prophets. There are fourteen chapters and of course we cannot deal with all of the things that we find in this book.

Zechariah was a prophet and he was also a priest. We are told in the first verse of the first chapter that he was the son of Iddo the prophet. Actually he was the grandson of Iddo the prophet who came back to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel in one of the first return of the people to the Lord. Now Haggai delivered a series of sermons to encourage the people to re-build the city of Jerusalem. Zechariah is given a series of visions from the Lord and in these visions God shows how the nation of Israel fits into the plans of God for the world in the days of the future. Now there are two keys that will help you understand the book of Zechariah. If you will keep in mind that Zechariah talks about Jerusalem and Jesus, you will understand a great deal of what you read there. All through the book his themes are Jerusalem and Jesus. And he talks ab ...

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