by Jim Perdue

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Blessed Are the Broken (3 of 9)
Series: Blessed
Jim Perdue
Matthew 5:4


*Maybe you had the chance to watch the Grammy Awards last Sunday night. You know what the Grammy is right? It's an award given by the National Academy of Recoding Arts and Sciences to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. Now, if I'm honest with you this morning, I had to look that up just to be sure. I don't know the difference between a Grammy and an Emmy, A Golden Globe or the Boston Globe. I don't watch those award shows. I'm not trying to be super spiritual but this is what it seems like to me. We're going to get a bunch of musicians together, and they're going to talk about how great they are, they'll sing songs that you don't know or need to hear, some will get a goofy looking trophy, others will perform the most offensive acts in history and you regular folks are given the privilege of watching. I feel better already don't you?*

This is the entertainment industry on display. It offers fun, happiness, pleasure and amusement. It seems almost ironic to me that the night before the Grammy's, one of the most famous Grammy-winning artists was found all alone, dead in her bathtub at the age of 48. Contrast the laughter, entertainment and promises of pleasure with this sad reality. Whitney Houston had all the talent and promise in the world. But she bought into the lie of our society: pleasure brings fulfillment and happiness. It never does.

The world laughs at sin. Why should we be shocked that the world laughs at sin when the church smiles at it? True Christianity manifests itself in what we cry over and what we laugh about. Too often we laugh at the things that should make us cry and cry about the things that should make us laugh. There is far too much sorrow over the ''stuff'' of this life and far too little mourning over the ''sin'' in our life. READ TEXT

Jesus says, Blessed Are The Broken. Think about it, Jesus is basically saying, ''h ...

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