by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I JOHN 4:17-21

I suppose the most overwhelming thought about God
of which the human mind is capable is summarized in
three simple words -- God is love. These are the
words that John has used in the previous verses of our
passage. In the 8th verse he says, "God is love." He
repeats it in the 16th verse, "God is love."

John is the great apostle of love. Don't get the
idea by that that John by nature was a loving person.
John was one of the sons of thunder, as the Lord Jesus
referred to him. It was only as he came to know the
Lord Jesus and experience the love of God revealed in
Jesus, that John became the apostle of love.

He seems to be indeed overwhelmed by the theme of
love. You read his Gospel and read there, "For God so
loved the world that He gave His only begotten son."
You'll also read, "This commandment I give unto you
that you love one another." You cannot read his
Gospel without being struck by the fact that this man,
John, is absolutely overwhelmed with the great theme
of love.

It is also something which has been overwhelming
to my heart. As I think about what God has done for
me, as I think about the gift of His son, the Lord
Jesus, I was talking to a friend as we jogged
together. After it was over he said, "I just can't
explain why God has been so good to me." Of course,
none of us realize nor understand fully the extent of
God's love and all of us realize it is not because of
anything we have done. But it is because of the
overwhelming love of God that is so real to us.

I preached on love last Sunday night and one of
our sweet children came up to me Wednesday night and
told me that I used the word, love, over 200 times in
my message. That really pleased me. I don't know how
she kept up with it. But I would really like to be
known as a preacher of love. I don't want to be like ...

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