by Jerry Vines

Zephaniah: The Royal Prophet
Jerry Vines

Book of Zephaniah I am calling Zephaniah the Royal Prophet. There is a reason for it which becomes apparent in the first verse of this brief book. Zephaniah is the royal prophet. He is an unusual prophet. He is no ordinary man.

With no ordinary background. There is more given about the ancestry of this man, Zephaniah than any of the other minor prophets. And when you read that first verse, you may notice of course some names here that will not mean a great deal to you. We don't name people what they did in many of the Old Testament names. But as you look through this list of the ancestors of this man Zephaniah. Those from whom he sprang, you will notice the name of Hizkiah. Now in the King James there in that particular verse it is spelled Hiz but it is really the name Hezkaiah.

Now Hizkiah was one of the king's of Judah, so we learn from this first verse that the prophet Zephaniah was the great, great, great grandson of the king. So this means that royal blood flowed in the veins of this prophet of God. Now the next thing we notice is that he prophised in the days of Josiah, the King of Judah. Now when we look at the name, Josiah and we connect it with the historical books in the Old Testament. We remember that Josiah was the boy king who heard the message of God the call of God for revival in his day. And set about to bring a national awakening to the people. Remember the temple of the Lord was in dis- repair and they were brushing it up, refurbishing the temple a little bit. So Josiah, they discovered a book in the temple. And they brushed off that book and they found out it was the word of God. So they brought the word of God to the young king Josiah and he read in it that they had disobeyed the Lord. So Josiah announced a national mourning and he established bible reading in the nation once again. And Josiah the king became the leader of a great revival crusade. It is one of the great revivals in th ...

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