by Jeff Strite

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The Father Figure (7 of 7)
Series: The Boy Prophet
Jeff Strite
I Samuel 12:16-25

ILLUS: One father had a three-year-old daughter who was having trouble sleeping through the night. She'd often wake up several times in the night because she was afraid. Each time as he re-tucked her into bed, he would remind her that Jesus was with her and he would keep her safe.
Several nights in a row, she did this over and over again.
Finally, one night, the dad asked her if she had prayed to Jesus to take her fear away and help her fall asleep.
''Oh, yes,'' she assured him. ''I prayed to Jesus… and He told me to come and get you!''

ILLUS: I read another true story about a little girl who was frightened by a fierce thunderstorm. She cried out in fear and her father rushed to her bedside. As he held her in his arms, he explained that she didn't need to fear. God would take care of her because He loved her greatly.
''I know God will take care of me and love me,'' she replied. ''But right now, Daddy, I want someone with skin on.''

APPLY: Each of those kids was afraid.
And each of them sought comfort from their fathers.

In our lives, there are many times when we're afraid.
1. We're afraid because we're in trouble.
2. Afraid because we're being threatened.
3. Afraid because we're about to lose something we care about.

And sometimes we become afraid because we know we've done something wrong and we're pretty sure we're going to be punished for it. It's at time like that when we most need a ''father'' figure to step into our lives and help us. Protect us. Because intuitively, everyone understands that the father of a family should protect us when we're afraid.

In our story today we find that the people of Israel have become afraid.
They've sinned against God.
They sinned because - without asking for God's permission or approval - they decided to reject Samuel as their leader and they demanded a King just like all the other nations had.

They'd rejecte ...

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