by Jim Perdue

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The Greatness of God (2 of 10)
Series: Going through the Motions
Jim Perdue
Malachi 1:2-5


We continue a series through the OT book of Malachi. - the last of the OT prophets. I've entitled our study, Going Through the Motions because we God's people are involved in a lot of religious activity, but there heart is not in it. Like many today!

*How many of you are married? Let me ask you a real simple question. Have you ever done something you really didn't want to do but you did it because your spouse asked you to? Men, your wife asks you to go shopping with her (or to the ballet, or the opera) and that's not on the list of your favorite things. But you go anyway and you think, ''I'll go but I sure don't have to like it!'' Ladies, maybe your husband asks you to go to the latest end of the world action movie with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger (or maybe a football game, or rodeo) and you go because he asks, but your heart's not in it.*

That's what it means to go through the motions! And we don't just do that to our spouses, we do that to God. And that's the issue that Malachi is addressing here in this text. Far too often when it comes to the things of God, we're simply going through the motions.

Tonight, we come to Malachi 1:2-5 and we see the first instance of the people's apathy and complacency. God responds by reminding the people of His eternal and enduring love for them and His desire for all nations to worship Him. READ TEXT - PRAY

From this text of Scripture we see the Greatness of God. The Bible says, ''Great is the Lord beyond the border of Israel.'' God is reminding His people of His greatness. God's greatness is shown…

In His love and protection of His people: 2


Like Nahum and Habakkuk, Malachi called his message an ''oracle.'' That word is also translated, ''burden.'' The prophets were men who personally felt ''the burden of the Lord'' as God gave them insight into the hearts of the ...

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