by Jerry Vines

Habakkuk: The Honest Prophet
Jerry Vines

Now when you study the prophets of God in the Old Testament you will discover God used men with different personalities to be the channel through whom he gave his message to the people. For instance, there is Jeremiah. Jeremiah was very sensitive person. By personality he was very sensitive. Even though there were times when Jeremiah would thunder out the judgment of God. He had a heart that caused him to weep and grieve because of the sins of the people. Then there was old Jonah. Old Jonah was the reluctant prophet. He knew what the Lord wanted him to do he just didn't want to do it. And so he rebelled against the Lord and had a very strong will. God had to break his will and get him willing to do what he wanted him to do. But Habakkuk when you study him is a man who would qualify as the honest prophet. He was not going to say he understood something when he didn't understand it.

And he was not going to say he agreed with what god was doing when he didn't agree. He was transparently honest with God. Someone said Habakkuk is the doubting Thomas in the Old Testament. Habakkuk had a question mark for a brain. He just seemed to be always questioning and wondering what God was doing. Now the name Habakkuk means embrace.

So when we look at this man Habakkuk we get the picture of a man who had perplexing questions. He had tremendous doubts in his heart yet he brought those doubts to the Lord. Embraced the Lord, held on to God until God gave him the answer. Now the book of Habakkuk is primarily the account of a man of God dealing with a problem rather than delivering a message. In one sense of the word we are getting in on a dialogue between this man and God. Habakkuk is faced with some perplexing problems. There are some things about life he doesn't understand. There are some things about the dealings of God and the work of God that are not clear to him. So Habakkuk faces those problems, he admits they are there. Then he ...

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