by Jim Perdue

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Be a Winner, Not a Whiner (8 of 10)
Series: Going through the Motions
Jim Perdue
Malachi 3:13-15


We're in Malachi 3 tonight, looking at only three verses. But these three verses have the potential of being some of the most convicting verses we've studied in this series. I've entitled the series, Going Through the Motions. And tonight, we see one of the results of going through the motions. It leads to thinking only of yourself; to whining, fussing, and complaining. So, from Malachi 3:13-15 I want to talk to you about this subject, Be a Winner, Not a Whiner. READ TEXT

*There were many sayings in our house growing up. My parents would say to me, ''Truth builds trust.'' They would also say, ''When you get in a bind, not whine.'' But the one I remember most was this, ''Be a winner, not a whiner.'' Now that I'm a dad, I find myself saying this to my kids as well. If there's one thing I can't stand, one thing we don't put up with, it's whining. One of the sayings in our house is, ''We don't do drama!'' I just can't stand whining!*

Well here, that's all the people of God are doing. They are whining and complaining about their problems. They are whining about serving God. They are complaining because God doesn't do what they expect Him to do.

But let's be honest, we have all come to find ourselves whining at some point or another. You know as well as I do that it doesn't stop once you become an adult. In fact, some of the biggest crybabies I know have kids of their own!

But whining and complaining is always a symptom of a deeper issue. It tells us something about who a person is. What's the difference between one person who has joy in the midst of struggles and the other who crumbles under their weight? What's inside a person will eventually come out. The same is true with God's people in Malachi. We see that their whining is evidence of a greater problem…

It is evidence of self-deception: 13


Once again, through ...

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