by Jim Perdue

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A Soon and Coming Day (10 of 10)
Series: Going through the Motions
Jim Perdue
Malachi 4:1-6


Tonight, we conclude our series through the OT book of Malachi. Here, we have seen the people of God, Going Through the Motions. But we've also seen that we have a tendency to do the very same thing. I pray that this series has challenged us to lay aside apathy, complacency, and hypocrisy for genuine and faithful service to Jesus Christ.

In the last chapter of Malachi we are reminded of a prominent OT theme: The Day of the Lord. Throughout the OT, God has promised that there is coming a day of judgment that will make all things right. He will reward the righteous, judge the wicked, and straighten everything out. Malachi reminds us that this is A Soon and Coming Day. READ TEXT

*In 1988, an awesome event happened. Ben Johnson of Canada broke out of the starting gates like no other man in history. I remember sitting and listening to the commentator say, ''Did you see that start? Ladies and gentlemen, it's Ben Johnson! It's Ben Johnson! It's Ben Johnson!'' As we watched, the time lines on the TV said that the man had broken the Olympic record. Ben Johnson had turned that sprint for the fastest human alive upside down as it had never been demonstrated before! The crowd went wild! The other runners congratulated him. What a run by Ben Johnson! Until it all hit the fan. When it went before the judges, they tested his blood and found steroids. When they found steroids, they sent word back for Ben Johnson to give up his gold medal and they awarded it to another. The gold medal that Ben Johnson had won was snatched and turned over to another. He went back to Canada a disgrace. The crowd didn't know it when he was running it. The crowd didn't know it when he was sprinting. When he was darting out of the blocks, the people went wild. When he did his victory lap, he looked like he was a winner. He felt like he was a winner. The only problem was the judges ...

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