by Jerry Watts

The Jesus Plan
Jerry Watts
Matthew 10:1-5a

We are in the midst of a hotly contest Presidential race at a time when our country is in trouble! When asked, every candidate has a plan to fix our broken government, society, and culture. All you have to do is 'go to their web site and read.' As for me, I highly doubt any one of these plans will actually work, but we shall see.

The men who founded this nation had a plan and wrote it out in the document called the 'Constitution' and the interesting thing is this: This document was (and is) to be the guiding force in our culture and as long as we adhered to this document staying true to the plan of our deep-thinking fore-fathers, our country was great. But over the years there have been those who think they know 'better' than the founding fathers. The courts, the Congress, and even the citizens have allowed those founding principles to be distorted by redefining terms and thus changing the meaning of this historic document. The result is that the foundation of our country has become compromised, corrupted, and cracked. The founding father's plan was written with the thought of fairness for all, you know, of the people, by the people and for.

Now transfer these thoughts and this scenario to Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus had and has a plan for His church (HIS church). In Matthew 16 Jesus says, ''I will build MY church and the gates of hell will not prevail against.'' While this is a pretty strong church, too often we have the wrong view of His statements. In 21st century America, we seem to have the concept that the church sets up shop (like the house built on the rock) and we can stand when hell attacks us, but this is not the picture at all. In context, the church is to be the one 'on the move' and hell itself 'sets up shop' to stop God's church, God's Kingdom. And in that context, the Gates which protect the evil kingdom cannot stand up to the pressure because of power of our leader, Jesus.

Jesus had a pla ...

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