by Jerry Vines

Prophet of Vengeance
Jerry Vines

We are going to consider tonight this relatively brief book in the old testament. One of the minor prophets which speaks a message to modern America. It is the book of Nahum a three chapter book in the Old Testament. Now some have suggested that the book of Nahum ought to be titled Ho Hum. That it is a very boring, dull and an uninteresting book. But when you understand what the book is intended to be and the message that god has for us from it. I think you will discover that its truths are exciting and very applicable to our day. Now the book gives us its meaning at the very beginning in the opening sentence.

''The burden of Nineveh''. The burden of Nineveh. The theme of the book of Nahum is the judgment and the destruction of the city of Nineveh. The doom of Nineveh. Now he says in verse one, the second sentence, ''The book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.'' Now the word Nahum means comforter. But the word, the name of this prophet is not a message of comfort whatsoever for the Nineveh's but rather it is a message of comfort for the people of God. Because you see this book is a prediction by one of god's men of the ultimate overthrow and destruction of Nineveh.

Now we remember that Nineveh was the city, the capital city of the Assyrian Empire. And it was to this city that God sent his reluctant prophet, Jonah.

You remember what happened God was merciful to the city because they repented. They turned from their sins in answer to the message of judgment which Jonah preached. And God the scripture says, repented that is god changed his mind. God changed his attitude toward Nineveh and great revival sweep the whole city. But now approximately 120 years have passed and they have long since forgotten since the mercy of God.

They are now again the wicked, cruel, brutal people that they have always been. Now the Ninevites were legendary for their cruelty to conquered enemies. They wereextremely cruel. And the p ...

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