by Jerry Vines

Minor Prophets Speak to Modern America
Book of Micah: The Prophet to the Cities
Jerry Vines

In the first verse of his prophecy he tells us specifically that the word of the Lord came to him concerning Samaria and Jerusalem. Samaria was the capital city of the northern kingdom. Jerusalem was the capital city of the southern kingdom. So he is the prophet of God to the cities.

Now if you will notice in the bible, in the New Testament when you study the stragety of the apostle Paul. You will find that Paul made it a point to go to the city. And it was in the city where he ministered because you see Paul understood that as the cities go so goes the nation.

And if the city has revival then the nation has revival. If the city wanders from God the nation wanders from God. What takes place in Rome eventually is what takes place in Floyd County. So this is why we must not desert the cities. We must keep the city strong for Jesus Christ.

We must keep strong bible-centered ministries going on in the city.

Now Micah's message is introduced in three basic lessons that are introduced to us by the word hear. In verse two of chapter one he says ''Hear all ye people, hearken oh earth''. In the third chapter the first verse he says, ''And I said, hear I pray you oh heads of Jacob''.

Then in the sixth chapter the first verse he says, ''Hear ye now what the Lord saith''. And so those three calls to hear give us the division of Micah's message to the cities of his day.

Now the first message is a message which I give as this heading Judgment decreed. And in the first two chapters of this book Micah is saying to the people that God has decreed judgment upon the nation because of their sin. In chapters three, four and five our emphasis there is blessings determined. Blessings determined. God has deter- mined he is going to bless his people. And then in the sixth and the seventh chapters of the book repentance desired. And he calls the people of God to great repenta ...

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