by Jerry Vines

Minor Prophets
Jerry Vines

In the Hebrew bible they are known as the twelve. I have said to you that the term minor prophet is a misnomer because we are not implying by the use of that title that their messages are any less important. Primarily they are called this because of the brevity of their messages. But what they had to say was exceedingly important. Everyone of these prophets of God had a point to make. They had a message to give. And Obadiah is no exception. Now the book begins with the simple statement, ''The vision of Obadiah.'' And the only thing to know about the prophet is what we find right there. We do not know the date when Obadiah lived. We do not know the period of time when he prophesied. We know nothing about his background all we know is that he is a man named Obadiah. There are thirteen men in the Old Testament named Obadiah. Probably the most familiar one of them beside this prophet is the Obadiah who was one of the compromising prophets in the days of Elijah who was working under the direction of the wicked king Ahab. But we do not have any indication that any of the other Obadiah's- mentioned in the bible are this prophet Obadiah. His name means, the servant of the Lord. Obadiah the servant of the Lord. Now his mama may have called him Obie for short, I don't know. But let's take a look at Obadiah tonight.

Now the interesting thing about this book of Obadiah is that it is a book written to two brothers, two nations that came from two brothers who have through the centuries been involved in a family feud.

This is why I call Obadiah the prophet of the Family Feud. Now you will notice it says in the second sentence, ''Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom.'' Now you will want to circle that name Edom because this is the theme of the prophecy of Obadiah. It has to do with a nation of people known as Edom. Now in the bible there is a family feud that began way back there in the Book of Genesis. It began when twins were born ...

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