by Jerry Vines

The Book of Hosea
Now will you turn in the Word of God tonight to the Book of Hosea.
We are beginning a series of studies tonight in our Wednesday night services
on the Minor Prophets. Those twelve books right at the end of the Old
Testament. Twelve minor prophets and we are calling this series The Minor
Prophets Speak to Modern America. The book of Hosea and we will take a
look at the prophet of the Broken Heart. The Prophet of the Broken Heart.
Now let's bow in a moment of prayer together. Our Heavenly Father we
pray now the Holy Spirit will take the message in Hosea and make it very
real to our hearts tonight. May we get the message that you have for us.
May everyone of us be strengthened and blessed in this service. In Jesus
Name. Amen.
The minor prophets compose for us the series of letters or books in
the Old Testaiment which are twelve in number. The name minor prophet i-s-
a little bit misleading. It might give us the impression that minor prophet
meant one of the less important of the prophets. But actually the term
minor prophet was given to these books because for the most part they are
briefer than the earlier prophets which are given in the Old Testament. Now
these minor prophets were called in the Hebrew bible the twelve. They
were twelve men who were chosen by God to speak his message in the day
in which they lived. Now we believe the bible, the word of God is
eternal in nature. And that just as God had a message for the day in
which the sermons were delivered even so the message is applicable and
is current in the day in which we live. So God speaks to our hearts through
these prophets in the Old Testament and in particular does he speak to
us tonight from the book of Hosea. It would be absolutely impossible for
me to deal with all of the fourteen chapters and all of the verses of this
book tonight. But what I want us to do is to get the jest of the message
and let god speak ...

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