by Jim Perdue

The Marks of a Godly Mother
Jim Perdue
1 Samuel 1:1-28


*I have a confession to make. Here goes…I'm a momma's boy. I find it a bit awkward to admit it, but it's true. It's not awkward because I'm ashamed, but because my dad is sitting right there on the fourth row. No offense, Dad. My sister-in-law decided to start a discussion last year while our whole family was on vacation at the lake. She thought that her husband, my brother Dan, was the most like my mom. This began a family ''discussion'' among the children and their spouses about what child was most like what parent. My dad put an end to this two-day discussion by saying; ''There are three that are like me, and one that is like his mom.'' I can remember even through my teenage years hopping up on the countertop in the kitchen as my mom would do dishes or bake and just talk to my mom. Whether it was a conversation about cooking, homework, true love, or sports, we would chat. It's okay to be a momma's boy…as long as you're not the wimpy, whiney, spineless, sissified type!*

When you think of Mothers Day, what thoughts come to your mind? Society is redefining the family. Our culture is redefining our God-given roles as husband, wife, mom and dad. Today, there is much confusion about marriage, parenting and the family; even much confusion about what it means to be a mother.

Don't fall into the trap of letting the pressures of society or culture define for you what it means to be a mom. Let the Word of God guide you in this area. It speaks clearly in this area of your life.

I have a habit of reading through the Bible every year. And just last week I read 1 Samuel 1. In that chapter there's a story about a godly mother, Hannah. Actually, as the chapter begins, she's not a mother but she desperately longs to be. And through Hannah's faith, the actions of God are triggered which brings about change; a change in the course of Israel's history. (Message for mothers as well as thos ...

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