by Jim Perdue

What a Woman Wants
Jim Perdue
Ephesians 5:25-31


Well it is Mother's Day today. Which means that most of you men have probably done something or bought something that you believe your wife wants. Now I am curious what you bought for your wives.

*Just out of curiosity by a show of hands how many of you bought your wife flowers? How many of you bought your wife chocolate? How many of you bought your wife a gift other than flowers or chocolate? How many of you are going to buy your wife's dinner after the service today? How many of you just realized it was mother's day, forgot to buy your wife something and are now in real trouble?*

Let me ask you another question. Do you know what a woman wants? Do you know what it is that your wife truly wants from you? Now I am here to tell you that I too cannot tell you what a woman wants either. But I can tell you what godly women want and it may come as an enormous surprise to you.

In fact it might come as an enormous surprise to your wife as well. Your wife, if she is godly woman, wants nothing more than to submit to and respect you, her husband. She wants to follow your godly leadership in your family and home. Now I know by saying that, that I am immediately alienating some of our men and woman here this morning. The mere suggestion is for many barbaric, out of date and unthinkable. What are we, cave men?

Some are thinking, ''What in the world kind of Mother's Day sermon is this? Has Pastor Jim lost his ever-loving mind?'' I know it might sound crazy, but it is true. The Bible makes it very clear that the desire of a godly woman is to submit fully and completely to her husband.

Ephesians 5:22 says, ''Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.'' The word ''submit'' is not synonymous with ''door matt.'' It does not mean to be devoid of opinion and it does not mean that you remain quiet while your husband runs the family off a cliff.

The word ''submit'' means ''to reli ...

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