by Jim Perdue

Being a Modern Day Mother
Jim Perdue
2 Timothy 1:1-5


I honestly believe that I have the second greatest job in the world. I mean, for me, there is nothing else that I could imagine myself doing. I love being a pastor. I know that God created me to be a pastor. It's a shame, but I'll never have an opportunity to have the greatest job in the whole world. It will never happen; because the greatest, most important job in the whole world is being a mother.

Now, I understand the dangers of speaking on a topic with which I have little first-hand experience. But, I have had a mother all of my life and now I am married to a mother of four. And all I know about motherhood I learned from observation or reading God's Word.

I'm definitely not qualified to stand up here today and give a sermon on what it means to be a modem day mother... I don't have a clue! I'm not a mother and I've recently learned that I never will be. That's why I'm thankful that the Bible deals with this issue very well. That way, we're not relying on my expertise...or lack thereof. But, we're relying on God's experience...and that beats all the so-called pop-culture experts.

Mothers face so many challenges these days. I mean, you never knew ''practice'' could be such a dirty word. But you've got Suzy who needs to be at ballet practice and Johnny who needs to be at soccer practice and Billy who got a baseball game on the other side of town and Sally who's supposed to be at gymnastics but she's upset because you're running late. And of course, once practice is over, the evening saga of dinner begins.

Mothers are expected to do it all. One of the funniest things to me is the mother's purse. My mom's purse had everything in it. I mean, there was nothing I ever needed that couldn't be found in the almighty purse. Mom, do you have a Band-Aid? Sure, it's in my purse. Mom, do you have a sowing kit? Sure, it's in my purse. Mom, can I have a milkshake? Sure, let me check m ...

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