by Jeff Strite

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Kids Will Be Kids (2 of 2)
Series: Suburban Myths
Jeff Strite
Proverbs 4:1-22

James Dobson tells of a 10 year old boy named Robert who was an absolute terror. Whenever his mother went to the doctor, he would literally attack the office, grabbing instruments and files and telephones. All the while his passive mother could do little more than shake her head in bewilderment.
During one examination, his pediatrician found severe cavities in Robert's teeth and knew that the boy must be referred to a local dentist. But he was reluctant to this boy on anyone he knew. Eventually decided to send him to an older dentist who reportedly understood children. The confrontation that followed now stands as one of the classic moments in the history of human conflict.
Robert arrived in the dental office, prepared for battle.
''Get in the chair, young man,'' said the doctor.
''No chance!'' replied the boy.
''Son, I told you to climb onto the chair, and that's what I intend for you to do,'' said the dentist.
Robert stared at his opponent for a moment and then replied, ''If you make me get in that chair, I will take off all my clothes.''
The dentist calmly said: ''Son, take 'em off.''
The boy forthwith removed his shirt, undershirt, shoes, and socks, and then looked up in defiance.
''All right, son,'' said the dentist. ''Now get on the chair.''
''You didn't hear me,'' sputtered Robert. ''I said if you make me get on that chair, I will take off all my clothes.''
''Son, take 'em off,'' replied the man.
Robert proceeded to remove his pants, and shorts, finally standing totally naked before the dentist and his assistant.
''Now, son, get in the chair,'' said the doctor.
Robert did as he was told, and sat cooperatively through the entire procedure. When the cavities were drilled and filled, he was instructed to step from the chair.
''Give me my clothes now,'' said the boy.
''I'm sorry,'' replied the dentist. ''Tell your mother that we're going to keep your clothes toni ...

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